Specializes in the maintenance, repair and trade all types of turbocharger spare parts.
It is located in the area of Keratsiini, Piraeus, and is active in all the places, where necessary, both in Greece and abroad.

The expended network of technicians, consultants and suppliers of SPYROPOULOS-TURBO provides solutions matching your needs based on 4 key principles:

  • Quality of Provided Service100%
  • Actual Needs of the Ship100%
  • Safety of All Involved Parties100%
  • Mutual Benefit100%


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  • 1974The company was founded in 1974 under the initial name TURBOSHIP by Antonios Spyropoulos – Merchant Marine Chief Engineer – with work experience at the representative of BROWN BOVERI COMPANY, ABB now.

    Its technical team is staffed by active Merchant Marine Engineers and by the technical manager of former ABB and is developing rapidly. Within a short period of time, thanks to the insistence on detail and the maintenance of the high quality, it managed to have a successful and distinctive path in this market segment.
  • 2004In 2004, after a 30-year presence in the sector, the company followed common practice at the time and changed its corporate status to enable it to continue meeting its customers' needs and demands consistently.

    The new legal entity changed its name to SPYROPOULOS – TURBO, and moved onto superior quality processes and a greater understanding of its customers' needs. At the same time, the second generation became involved, giving new impetus to the business, and the management role was undertaken by Konstantinos Spyropoulos with Antonios Spyropoulos continuing to be an inexhaustible source of knowledge and technical advice for the company.
  • The Future Times become more demanding and this leads us to become more anthropocentric.

    It is our deep conviction that our relationship with the shipping companies should change from a customer relationship to a cooperation based on understanding and mutual assistance. For this reason, we are trying to implement a new tactic based on problem prevention and mutual benefit for both our customers and our company.